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10 Essential Cleaning Items for a Housekeeper’s Toolkit

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Whether you clean houses for a living or just clean your own, the proper tools will make your job go much faster with less effort. You wouldn’t try to fix a car with a hammer and pliers would you? Well maybe you would, but chances are it wouldn’t go very well. So if you’re starting your own cleaning business or planning a thorough cleaning project, make sure you start out prepared. Here are 10 essential cleaning items for a housekeeper’s toolkit.

  1. Vacuum cleaner – The most important tool for any housekeeper is a dependable vacuum cleaner. You don’t want something cheap that doesn’t do a good job and won’t last. Spend a little more money and get one that really “sucks”.
  2. Squeegees – A variety of squeegees is vital for your housekeeping toolkit. These save so much time and effort once you get accustomed to using them. Professional window washers always use squeegees to keep the glass from spotting and streaking. You can get different sizes for various applications like cleaning not only windows, but showers and bathtubs.
  3. Good broom – Nothing beats a good broom for your housekeeping projects. There are always places a vacuum cleaner just doesn’t work, so a broom must be part of your tools. The ones with soft flexible bristles will pick up more dust and get into those hard to reach places.
  4. Rags – Using paper towels for cleaning can get very expensive and isn’t environmentally friendly. Nothing beats good old cleaning rags for those tough, dirty projects. Old towels, T-shirts and socks all make good cleaning rags. They can be washed and reused many times before wearing out.
  5. Mop – Swiffers and other waterless mopping systems may work great for light cleanups, but for thorough floor cleaning you need a good mop. Get one with a sturdy replaceable head that has a good way of squeezing out excess water.
  6. Sturdy buckets – When using mops and rags, sturdy buckets are an essential part of your housekeeper’s toolkit. You’ll need a couple different sizes for big jobs like mopping floors and smaller ones for other cleaning tasks. Spray cleaners can build up after time, so for a thorough cleaning job, you’ll need to use water to clean and rinse rags.
  7. Scrubbers – For those tough cleaning jobs you’ll need a variety of scrubbers. Textured surfaces aren’t going to get deep-down clean without a bristle brush to get into the crevices. Caked on grime isn’t going to loosen up without the proper scrubber and some elbow grease.
  8. Old toothbrushes – One of the best cleaning tools for getting into tough spots is old toothbrushes. Every housekeeper will want to have some of them in the toolkit.
  9. Caddy – Another great tool is a caddy to carry cleaning items as you move from room to room. You can fill it with your various cleaning products, rags, scrubbers and toothbrushes so everything is handy when you need it.
  10. Extendable duster – Homes with vaulted ceilings can have cobwebs and dust far out of reach for even the tallest housekeeper. An extendable duster can save you from climbing ladders to reach these areas easily from the floor.

Housekeepers with the right tools can get the job done quickly and effectively without wearing themselves out in the process. Homeowners are more likely to hire someone who has the tools and ability to do professional work. They won’t be impressed by someone who shows up with a feather duster. Cleaning is hard work, but having the wrong tools makes it even tougher than it needs to be. Make sure you have these essential cleaning items in your toolkit before you start that next big house cleaning project.

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