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10 Great Things You Can Find at Consignment Shops

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When the seasons change and it’s time to spruce up a wardrobe, most people head to the nearest department store in hopes of scoring a few decent deals on clothing that’s largely overpriced and likely to be out of style by the time the weather changes again, forgetting about the wealth of goods that may be found in a local consignment shop. From vintage steals to impressive deals, consignment shops can be a veritable gold mine when it comes to scoring new and new to you clothes. Before you make a dent in your wallet for a handful of items at a department store, consider this list of amazing things you may find at a consignment shop in your neighborhood.

  • Bargain Prices – In addition to a wide selection of apparel, one of the most common finds at a consignment shop is great prices. You should be able to find amazing deals on clothing that’s gently worn or even new, meaning you’ll be able to score great finds at a fraction of department store prices.
  • Kids’ Clothes – Kids grow so quickly that it seems like no time at all before a brand new garment is hopelessly outgrown. Instead of breaking the bank to completely replace your child’s wardrobe every few months, why not scout out fashionable finds at low prices in local consignment stores? Not only do most shops stock a selection of kid’s clothes, some stores even specialize in threads for the smaller set.
  • Vintage Items – If your fashion sense leans more towards the quirky and creative than the clean cut department store end of the spectrum, consignment stores may be your new best friend. In addition to almost new, on-trend items from the latest season, you may also be able to find classic pieces from years gone by in your local shop.
  • Accessories – The savings don’t stop with clothing at most consignment stores. In fact, many stock a selection of shoes and even jewelry to help you accessorize your latest secondhand find. Just be sure that you thoroughly clean the posts of any earrings you find to ensure good hygiene.
  • Unique Garments – When you walk into a department store or boutique, you’ll find entire racks of the exact same garment. It’s hard to be a trendsetter when you’re wearing the same clothes that everyone else in your neighborhood is buying, but a trip to the consignment shop in your area can turn up a few pieces that no one else will be wearing.
  • Designer Products – There’s a fairly common misconception that the only clothing to be found at consignment shops is off-brand or no label fare, which simply isn’t true. Not only are you likely to find at least a few name brand, designer products at your consignment store, but you may even be able to find shops that specialize in these items.
  • Brand New Items – How many times have you donated a piece of clothing to charity or given something away that still had tags hanging from the sleeve? Not all of the garments at a consignment shop will be used. You may very well find a wide selection of clothing that’s used only in the sense that someone else purchased the item new and let it take up space in their closet for a while.
  • Formal Wear – Shelling out top dollar for formal and special occasion items that you’ll only wear once is not only expensive, it’s also a bit wasteful when you consider the fact that there are probably racks full of great items at your local consignment shop for a fraction of the price.
  • School Uniforms – Some schools supply uniforms for their students, but others set a uniform and expect parents to purchase the items wherever they can find them. That’s where a consignment shop can come in handy. Other kids who attend your kids’ school will have the same dress code, and their parents may very well be sending gently used items to the consignment shop in your neighborhood.
  • Extra Cash – There’s no denying the fact that you can save big bucks by shopping consignment, but what you may not realize is that you can also find a bit of extra cash by selling your own used items. Talk to the management staff at your favorite shop to determine their policies for accepting new garments and you may walk out with a few extra bucks in your wallet.
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