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10 Reasons Families Outgrow Their First Home

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Real estate agents often use the term “starter home” to describe smaller homes that best suit newlyweds or small families. These attractively priced houses are typically ideal for a family that’s just starting out, but can become too small as time passes. Here are ten of the reasons why families outgrow their starter home.

  1. They Have More Children – The single most common reason that families outgrow their homes is that the family itself begins to grow. The home that was perfect for two newlyweds is likely to be bursting at the seams after three kids and a dog are added to the mix.
  2. Everyone Acquires New Hobbies – When children get older and parents begin cultivating hobbies of their own, the equipment and paraphernalia required can take over every inch of available space.
  3. New Pets – Getting a new dog or two generally requires a reasonably-sized backyard, something that might not have been a factor at all when the house was purchased. Pets and their needs can be a contributing factor to the need to upgrade.
  4. Too Much Furniture – In addition to the average family’s tendency to keep acquiring furniture, there’s also been a trend favoring large, overstuffed pieces in recent years. Too much furniture that’s too large for a room invariably makes it feel cramped, leading people to think that they need a bigger home.
  5. Finances Improve – As a family’s bank account increases, so will their need for more personal space. Dealing with crowding and lack of private space becomes exponentially more difficult when they know they can afford bigger and better.
  6. Their Desire to “Keep Up With The Joneses” Grows – Sometimes, it’s a family’s need to compete with their friends and relatives that grows, not their family or their space requirements. While it’s almost always a bad reason to purchase a new home, it happens all the time.
  7. They Bought in a Rush – All too often, young buyers are anxious to get the house-hunting process over with for one reason or another. As a result, they end up with a house that never suited their needs, and is now entirely wrong for their family.
  8. Aging Parents – When older parents become aging parents, couples are often faced with the need to move them in or find a retirement community. Opting for the former often means that their current house will be too small to accommodate everyone in the household.
  9. Starting a Home Business – Even small home-based businesses can require a lot of space; as a result, many new home business operators find themselves scouring the market for a bigger home to host that business in no time.
  10. Frequent Entertaining – When a family takes over the hosting responsibilities for large holiday dinners and other extended-family gatherings, or even if they simply like to entertain regularly, they can quickly find that their home isn’t as hospitable as they are. 

These are only a few of the reasons why a once-adequate home can begin to feel restrictive; every families needs are different. Downsizing furniture and calling in an organization specialist can be a great temporary solution, though it may not work for everyone.

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