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10 Storage Ideas for Saving Some of Your Child’s Homework

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Whether it’s for sentimental reasons or as part of a tutoring program, parents often find themselves holding on to their child’s old homework. Over the years, these papers and projects can accumulate into quite the disorganized mess. For homework-saving parents who have a desire to cut clutter, here are 10 storage tips that will help you organize and save those old assignments.

  1. Protect Them From Themselves – First and foremost, the paper used by most schools is almost always of an inexpensive, non-archival quality. These pages can start to deteriorate at a surprisingly fast rate, so be sure that you keep each paper in a protective sleeve and avoid storing them in direct heat, sunlight or in areas that are damp.
  2. Cull What You Can – While you’d probably never dream of tossing your child’s first homework assignment, it may be necessary to cull some of the homework that’s accumulated over the years. Look at each piece carefully; if there’s no real sentimental or educational value, it’s probably safe to let it go.
  3. Three-Ring Binders – A great way to store the papers you’ve lovingly collected over the years is to opt for the plastic protective sleeves with binder holes, and put them inside a binder. Depending on the size of the rings, you can fit an impressive amount into each one, which can then be neatly stored on a shelf or in a box.
  4. Scrapbook It! – Scrapbooking is a favorite pastime of many; if you’re part of the scrapper crowd, why not select a few of the most important pieces for a book dedicated to your child’s school career? These books, in addition to providing a creative outlet and storage solution, can also make great graduation gifts if they’ve been faithfully added to each year.
  5. Slimline Under-the-Bed Bins – Plastic storage bins with a low profile are specifically designed to fit underneath a bed and can be perfect for a parent in need of organizing their children’s schoolwork. These are also a great option for parents with several children, as they allow you to store a large amount of stuff into a compact space.
  6. Magazine Boxes – Desktop organizers intended for magazines can be a great storage solution for homework. Just put the papers into a pocket folder and add the folders to the magazine box. These boxes can be stored on a child’s desk or on the top shelf of a closet; either way, the papers are sorted and stored.
  7. Scan It! – Scanning those homework pages and saving them as an image file on your computer is one solution; if you want to take the de-cluttering a bit farther, store them on a thumb drive instead. These tiny drives are capable of storing tons of information and are easy to tuck away into a small box or drawer.
  8. Dedicate a File Cabinet Drawer – If you already have a filing cabinet in your home office and can spare a drawer, it can be a great place to keep old homework assignments out of the way but easily accessible.
  9. Lidded Cardboard Bins – Cardboard bins with lids and spaces for labels are available in designer colors and patterns that match any décor. Not surprisingly, there are entire lines that can store standard 8.5”x11” paper.
  10. Oversized Photo Albums – Photo albums come in a variety of sizes. One that’s designed for larger photographs will surely accommodate some of those old homework assignments.

It’s a good idea to go through old homework assignments at the end of each school year, choosing only those with the most sentimental value to save. As children age, the amount of homework they receive will become far too large to accommodate all of it, even with the best storage solutions.

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    It seems to have good ideas to store the child home work. Best thing is that these can be followed by anyone and can help a lot.