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10 Terrible Stories About Housekeeping Thieves

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Having a good housekeeper is a wonderful blessing, and she has the ability to make your home life more relaxing, healthier and more enjoyable. That is, if she’s a good housekeeper. Sadly, for every good housekeeper out there, there are a few bad apples as well who are tarnishing the housekeeping name. They’re human after all, so a few do take advantage of their employers from time to time. Unfortunately, it’s those few, and not the ones who are doing good, who seem to get all the headlines. Here are ten such stories, about housekeeping thieves:

  1. This woman made the rounds quite a bit before being apprehended. It seems she had a good eye for the bling, and put together a nice little collection for herself before she was finally caught. What’s worse is that cancer victims were among her targeted employers.
  2. Another jewelry thief/housekeeper, this one was employed by well-known cooking icon Paula Deen. Mary Alice White was found guilty of stealing jewelry from Deen and her husband, Michael Groover, and sentenced to 18 months in prison and 6 years’ probation.
  3. The housekeeper for an elderly Palm Beach, Florida woman was found to have stolen $52,000 from her employer. Patricia Zolnowski, it seems, was filling out her own paychecks, which her employer would leave blank due to her failing eyesight.
  4. Socorro “Coco” del Carmen Membrano, housekeeper for actress Sharon Stone, had been stashing expensive wardrobe items of the star over 6 years. Among the items that filled eight trash bags stashed away were:  a Valentino evening gown worth $20,000, a Cartier watch valued at $7,500 and a total of $300,000 worth of valuables.
  5. In a dazzling display of chutzpah, a maid was caught stealing when she asked her boss, an airline pilot, to help her ship the stolen merchandise. After arranging for her boxes to be transported, her employer checked them prior to shipping and discovered the contents were his.
  6. More jewelry theft, this time by the maid of Malaysia’s Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz. Suerwi Riyanto was found guilty of stealing RM35,000 in jewelry and sentenced to 30 months in jail.
  7. In this instance, the housekeeper, who worked at a hotel, made a rather unfortunate attempt to escape. The housekeeping supervisor of an Indian hotel fell to his death from the 6th floor of the hotel to escape being caught stealing guests’ valuables.
  8. What is it with housekeepers and jewelry? We suppose it’s the combination of high dollar value, concealability, and ease of fencing, but it seems to be by far the theft object of choice. Here, it’s a Westport, Connecticut maid pilfering the bling.
  9. Some good detective work by the employer of this housekeeping thief paid off. Patricia Key laid out some bait and set up a camera to stage her own sting operation when she suspected her employee, Gudelia Quiroz, of stealing from her. Nice work, Patricia.
  10. Well, sports fans, it turns out that it’s not always about jewelry after all. In this case, Kimberly Williams swiped thousands of dollars’ worth of baseball memorabilia from Adam Kaplan, a former professional baseball player himself.
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