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10 Ways Good Housekeepers Save Lives or Make them Better

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If you’re considering the idea of hiring a housekeeper, you’ve got some excellent benefits to ponder. There are plenty of advantages to having someone take care of your household duties while you’re working. Beyond handling those chores you haven’t got time for, there are other factors you may not have considered. Here’s a list of ten ways that a good housekeeper can improve your life:

  1. Enriched living conditions – Living conditions in your home are improved considerably when it’s kept clean and sanitary. Reduced germs, allergens and dust make breathing easier and can make life more bearable during allergy season in particular.
  2. Better health – A good housekeeper can also provide a marked improvement in your diet by preparing nutritious meals. That’s a big step up from the fast foods and pre-packaged frozen meals that you’ve been eating on the go.
  3. More personal time – Quality time with your family and friends is easier to arrange when you’ve got fewer chores awaiting you each day. You can relax on your days off knowing that those little tasks have all been handled throughout the week.
  4. Appointments are easier – Doctor appointments for the kids are easier to arrange when you’ve got someone available to take them during the work week. Your kids won’t have to go as long between visits when the appointments don’t need to coincide with your schedule.
  5. Lower grocery bills – Letting your housekeeper do the grocery shopping may be a blessing in more ways than one. Not only will she save you time, but if she’s a shrewd shopper by using coupons and such she may save you money to boot.
  6. Lower stress levels – Your emotional well-being benefits from having a good housekeeper too. Your stress and guilt for having to leave home for work are alleviated, knowing your kids and your home are in good hands.
  7. Quality care – The kids gain from having quality care and loving companionship from a good housekeeper. They are less apt to feel any resentment at your absence. In fact, they can better enjoy the time you spend with them when you’re home.
  8. A lifesaver… literally! – A good housekeeper who is trained in CPR and First Aid can truly be a lifesaver. At the very least, having someone who can get your children emergency care in a hurry is a godsend in itself.
  9. Cultural Diversity – A foreign-born housekeeper can add some cultural diversity to your household. Additionally, your children would gain from exposure to a different culture, even a second language.
  10. More time for some R&R – An overall better, happier and healthier home life, both physically and mentally, can add years to our lives. Reduced stress and increased time for rest and recreation can only be a good thing, and are well worth the investment.
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