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15 Blogs Explaining How to Hang a Photo Wall without Making a Million Holes

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Do you have pictures lying around or sitting in a box gathering dust?  Why not create a photo collage on a wall to display those images of your loved ones or places you’ve visited?  The trick to making the wall look professional is to make sure the pictures are hung straight and look cohesive. There are tricks to help you with your layout, such as using a layout template to create your wall.  If you already have a bunch of frames that you want to use, you might try creating your own layout by using recycled wrapping paper or butcher paper.  If you are renting or don’t want to create a lot of nail holes, you may opt for some of the nail-less options.  These 15 blog entries will help guide you through your photo wall project.


Using Layout Templates

By using a layout template you can be assured that your photo wall will look professional and put together.  Just make sure that the frames are all the same color before you start hanging them.  If you don’t have enough photos to fill a certain template that you want to use, you can substitute wooden letters or use an empty frame.  You just want to take up the same visual space.  Check out these five blog articles to get some ideas on how to use templates.

  1. DIY Gallery-Style Photo Wall Tons of layouts are shown with step-by-step instructions.
  2. Creating a Photo Montage Wall in 4 Steps This blogger gives you steps to determine which layout you should use for your wall and how to get the photos on the wall.
  3. Creating a Photo Wall Display Photo stacking ideas are shared here, as well as lots of layout ideas for photo walls.
  4. Useful Ideas and Layouts to Create a Photo Gallery Wall  Many layout templates are shared to use on walls and stairways.
  5. Wall Display Ideas Layouts are shown around various pieces of furniture to give you an idea of what may work in your home.


Maybe you already have a bunch of frames that you’ve collected over the years or purchased at a garage sale.  Start by spray painting them all the same color.  Then measure each frame and create your own arrangement on paper.  Once you like your design on paper you can try to duplicate it on the wall.  These five blog entries will help you with the process.

  1. Living Room Picture Wall By taking the shapes of the framed pictures she already had, this blogger shows you how to create a pleasing design before driving a single nail into the wall.
  2. How to Create a Photo Wall Without Breaking the Bank Frame stickers were used on some of the pictures so that the blogger could save money.  Real frames were used to add texture.
  3. Tips for Creating a Photo Wall The method described in this post is to start with a multi-picture frame and work around it using tape and sticky notes to plan your layout.
  4. Creating a Photo Wall in Your Home Tips for taking the pictures and thoughts on framing them can be found on this blog.
  5. Steps and Tips for Creating a Family Photo Wall Display Ideas are shared in this post about spray painting your frames so that they are all the same color before you hang them. Layout ideas using old wrapping paper are also included.

No Nails

Whether you are renting, in a college dorm room or just don’t like putting a bunch of holes in your wall, there are options available that will still allow you to create a photo wall without making a ton of holes.  These five blog posts will show you how you can use ribbon, wire or removable photo strips to hang your photos.

  1. Photo Wall Done Riktig This post shows an entire wall covered in photos with very few holes because the blogger used wire at the top and hung the photos together with clips.
  2. Canvas Photos Wall Display Find out how to print pictures on tissue paper and attach them to canvas before hanging the canvas photos on ribbon.
  3. Created a Photo Gallery Wall By screwing in door bottoms or sweeps into the wall this blogger was able to create shelves with which to sit her picture frames, making it easy to rearrange them later.
  4. Family Photo Wall Some recycled wood, old knobs and screws made for a perfect place to hang framed photos with ribbon.
  5. Give Your Home a Mini Makeover Several project suggestions can be found on this post, one of which is to use removable pictures strips to hang your photo wall so that you don’t have to worry about a bunch of nail holes.
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