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15 Blogs with the Best Tips for Organizing Your Bookshelves

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Bookshelves have a knack for attracting more than just books, and over time you may find that your bookshelves are overflowing with stuff and in need of a good cleaning. To begin your bookshelf organization project, clear off anything and everything that’s accumulated on the shelves and give the whole structure a thorough cleaning. Then, decide what you want to put back onto the shelves and what you’re ready to get rid of. As you restock the shelves, try mixing it up by using both decorative items and books. These 15 blogs explain options for each step of the organization process and offer up inspiration with examples of well-organized bookshelves.

Whittling Your Book Collection

To begin your project, gather all of the books in your house and put them in a central location. Bring in two boxes to separate books into; use one for donations and one for recycling. Try to only keep and organize your favorite books. If you find that you have books that you want to keep for sentimental reasons, you may want a third box that you can fill and keep in storage. These five blogs will help you determine which books will stay and which will go.

Adding Decorative Elements

A well styled bookshelf has open spaces and is free from clutter. It’s important to balance the look of the shelves, and you can do so by stacking the books on the left side of the shelf in one area and the right side of the shelf in another area. You will want to stand some books up and lay other books down to add interest to your bookshelf. Examples of these and other ideas can be found in these five blogs entries.

Organizing Your Shelves

How you organize the books in your bookcase will be dictated by how you want to find your books. You can organize them by genre or in alphabetical order. Some people organize their books by size or color. The important thing is that you are able to find the book you are looking for with ease while still having the bookshelf look neat and organized. The various methods of organizing books are described in these five blogs.

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