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18 Blogs Illustrating How to Create the Perfect Mantel for All Occasions

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Some people decorate their mantel for different holidays, while others decorate it once and leave it there all year long.  By basing your mantel decorations on your decorating style, you should be able to have a mantel that will work for all seasons.  Whether your decorating style is modern, country or contemporary, you will be able to find some ideas for decorating on these 18 blog entries.


A modern mantel will contain clean lines, little to no small items, statement pieces and probably some metal.  Sometimes mantels decorated in a modern home will just have a huge mirror leaning against the wall.  Modern design is clean and minimalistic.  You may also find clear glass on a modern mantle.  For more ideas check out these six blog posts.


When decorating with a country feel, you might want to use distressed woods, antiques, lace or floral fabrics in your design.  Country is a casual design and can incorporate little figurines.  There’s also a French country feel, so it would depend on what you like.  Here are six blog articles explaining how to plan your mantel and to get ideas on how to create the country feel you are looking for on your mantel.


Creating a contemporary mantel design isn’t difficult.  Contemporary design has elements of other styles.  The contemporary mantel won’t have a lot of stuff on it, but the items it does have will be balanced.  You don’t typically see an asymmetrical mantel in a contemporary home.  Patterns and colors tend to be bold without a lot of patterns.  If patterns are used, they are geometric patterns.  Keep in mind that there are exceptions to every rule and you can do what pleases you.  Check out these six blogs and get some ideas of what you might be able to pull off in your own home.

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