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18 Blogs to Help You Make Dazzling Butterflies to Decorate Your House for Spring

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The butterfly is a classic symbol of spring with its bright wings and delicate body. Craft butterflies are a great way to decorate your house in anticipation for the springtime, and making butterflies doesn’t have to be difficult.  If you have paper and a little time, you can start making butterflies.  There are many ways to make butterflies, as is evident with these 18 blog posts. You can make butterflies out of food and create a spring meal or just a fun surprise as a snack, or create paper ones that can be placed around the house.  For a more grown up look you can make butterflies out of materials other than paper, such as aluminum cans, old vinyl records or felt.  Take a look and be inspired.


Using paper to make butterflies is probably one of the least complicated ways to create them.  After all, everyone has paper around.  You and an older child can try your hand at origami butterflies, or you can create simple butterflies using a bathroom tissue roll and some construction paper with your preschooler.  No matter how you do it, a butterfly is a magical creature of spring.  These six blog entries will show you how to create your own.


One simple way to decorate your home is by decorating the food on your table.  It may not last long, but your family will surely enjoy having a springtime reminder during mealtimes.  Find breakfast butterflies, cookies or dessert topping butterflies on these six blog posts.


There are other mediums that work well when creating butterflies.  While reading through these six blog articles, you may come up with your own ideas on how you can make butterflies for your home.  Check out the post about making butterflies out of empty aluminum soda cans or pour resin on a paper cut-out to create a magnet that looks like the butterfly is about to take flight.

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