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18 Blogs with Creative Uses for Those Spare Buttons You have Lying Around

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Many people have inherited a box of buttons, whether they’re from Grandma or just extras from various clothing pieces that have been bought throughout the years. During the depression collecting buttons was commonplace because money was hard to come by. These ladies were the original recyclers.  These days it’s easy to buy buttons, but why would you if you have a stash of them?  Many clothing items come with a spare button attached or sewn into the seam just in case you lose one. These buttons, among others cut from discarded clothes, can be saved and recycled into new items. You can make framed artwork, rings, jars, pillows and much more by using the extra buttons you have on hand.  Read through these 18 blog posts and see if you find a project you can make with your button collection.


The items that these bloggers create, like a monogram, greeting card or meme board, are perfect for framing.  Find out how to make these items by checking out the six blog entries below.


Buttons are quaint and nostalgic, so adorning items with them is a common craft project. One fun, crafty idea is to make a color coordinated piece of jewelry by covering an old bracelet with buttons.  For other craft projects like this, take a look at these six blog articles.


Most buttons start out on fabric, which makes them perfect for going back onto fabric or combining them with fabric to make something new, like a rosette necklace.  Cover your own buttons with fabric to coordinate them with a headboard or a new garment.  Take some fabric and buttons and make yourself a memory board by hot gluing the buttons to the board for decorations.  Ideas like this and more can be found on the following six blog posts.  Take a look and be inspired.

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