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18 Blogs with Recommendations for the Easiest Houseplants to Grow

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If you suffer from allergies, one of the easiest things you can do to improve the air quality in your home is buy some houseplants. Even people who think they suffer from a black thumb instead of a green one can find success in cultivating a thriving plant; you just have to find the right plants for your lifestyle. These 18 blog posts review and explain the different types of easy-to-grow houseplants you can bring into your home. Some plants, like the one known as the Cast-Iron plant, are considered indestructible! Whether you opt for flowering plants or cacti, the wide variety of plants available mean that you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home.


There are many different flowering houseplants, but orchids are largely regarded as one of the most beautiful.  You may be thinking that an orchid would be too difficult to care for, but if you start out with the right plant, it’s fairly easy to do.  The following six blog entries cover different flowering plants that are great contenders for easy-to-grow indoor houseplants.

Green and Gorgeous

Green plants add life to a home. If you live in a space that doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight, try buying plants that require more shade than sun. Low light houseplants that are simple to grow are a great option for brightening up spaces both big and small. Take a look at these six blog articles for more information.

  • The 15 Easiest Indoor House Plants that Won’t Die on You Probably the easiest plant to grow is the Pathos with its variegated green and white leaves.  This plant is very forgiving, even when it’s been neglected.
  • Houseplants That Are Easy to Grow There are several plants mentioned in this blog article, one funny one being the Rubber Plant.  While it’s not really made of rubber, it is hard to kill.
  • Easy to Grow House Plants Do you hate flies?  Well you might want to bring a few Sarracenias into your home. This plant literally eats the flies, making it the perfect in-home pest control.
  • Easiest Houseplants Ever Looking for something interesting and easy to care for? Try a hydro plant!
  • The 5 Easiest Houseplants to Grow Check out the Spider plant listed on this blog article; it’s not only easy to care for, it will be fun for the kids to look at and they can learn how to grow more of them.
  • Attractive and Pet-Friendly Houseplants If you have four-legged friends running around your home you will need to be careful with the types of houseplants you have because some are toxic to pets.  This blog article mentions the Blue Echeveria as being a good pet-friendly choice.

A Little Prickly

Cacti, succulents and other plants like these can be a little prickly, so if you have small children you might want to make sure that these plants are kept out of their reach.  The Christmas cactus does not have spines like a normal cactus, making it a more kid-friendly option.  If you have older children, these plants might be something the kids can try to grow in their own rooms since they don’t need water very often.  For more tips on easy to grow plants, read through these six blog entries.

Now that you’ve seen how many house plants can be grown without a lot of work from you, which one are you going to bring home?

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