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20 Blogs Featuring Kids’ Crafts You Can Do with Basic Household Supplies

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While it’s definitely not hard to spend a small fortune at a craft supply store, sometimes the best crafts can be done with basic household supplies. Paper plates, lunch sacks, empty tin cans and Popsicle sticks all have their rightful place in the craft world, and most people have one or all of these things already stocked in their house! The next time the kids get bored don’t send them to watch a movie, instead bust out these basic supplies and get to crafting! These 20 blog articles give step-by-step directions for numerous projects that will keep your kids busy for days.

Paper Plates

Paper plates are relatively inexpensive, and typically come in a bulk supply. This makes them perfect for crafting because if someone messes up on their project they can just grab another plate and start over. The crafts in these five blog entries teach fine motor skills and exercise your kids’ imaginations, and the kids will have a blast putting them all together.

Lunch Sacks

Lunch sacks are both inexpensive and biodegradable, so they are handy to have around for crafting as well as for lunches. Paper sacks make the perfect flowers, puppets and even journals, and with the help of these five blog posts your child can easily craft all of these and more.

Tin Cans

It takes tin cans a long time to break down in a landfill, so recycling them is usually the best option. But you don’t have to just throw them into the recycling bin; instead, use them for crafting! You’ll find plenty of creative tin can ideas to do with your kids in these five blog articles.

Popsicle Sticks

Whether you save the sticks from your favorite frozen treat or buy clean sticks from a craft store, most people have some Popsicle sticks hanging around. For many Popsicle stick crafts you need little more than sticks and glue, and with the help of these five blog posts you can find all sorts of craft projects to make.

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