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21 Blogs Featuring the Best Tips for Decorating Your Outdoor Living Areas

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Outdoor living spaces allow you to expand your home’s square footage and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Spending time on your front porch visiting with neighbors used to be the norm, but as people’s lives have gotten busier that practice has fallen by the wayside. There has been a resurgence for the simpler things in life in recent years, though, and outdoor living spaces have been making a comeback. However, instead of relaxing on a porch swing, people are creating entire living room spaces outdoors.  In these 21 blogs you’ll find inspiration for decorating any of your outdoor living spaces.

Back Patio

The patio is often an extension of the house, and this is especially true when you try some of these tips for dressing up your patio with furniture and an area rug. Make sure that everything you take outside is weather resistant. Consider buying neutral colors for the furniture and adding pops of color with accent pillows and accessories. Take a look at these seven blogs for more inspiration.

Front Porch

Creating a cozy sitting area on your porch can prove to be a challenge because it’s in the front of your home. You can give the area privacy by screening off the ends of the porch with lattice and climbing plants. If your porch is covered, the items you place out there will be a bit more sheltered than if they were sitting out in the open, so you may have a few more design options there as well. Take a look at more design ideas in these seven blogs.

Living Wall

You can create a living wall anywhere in your yard. If you need a privacy fence, you can use a living wall instead. Unlike a board fence, however, the living wall takes a while to mature. Living walls can help define spaces in the yard and make the area seem cozier. To see photos of living walls and examples of how they can be used, check out these seven blogs.

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