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21 Blogs for Novice Gardeners on How to Create the Best Spring Garden

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As spring approaches, those who garden or want to garden start getting the itch to get into the soil and plant something.  Check with your local garden center to find out when the last frost date is expected, so that you know when it’s safe to start planting your garden.  In the meantime, you can be cleaning up the garden and creating new beds.  If you plant seeds inside, you will have a jumpstart on the season and save money.  Seeds are far cheaper than buying starter plants from the greenhouse.  Once you prepare the garden and plant your seeds you will need to know how to care for the plants.  These 21 blogs will take you through all of the necessary steps for creating the best spring garden.

Garden Preparation

After the winter, you may have dead plants and weeds that need to be removed from your garden.  These clean-up measures are your first step if you have an existing garden.  If you want to start a brand new garden, you will need some tips on how to find the best location for your bed.  You will want to take some time to watch how much sun the area gets and to make sure that you have access to water.  Look through these seven blog entries to learn how to prepare your garden for spring planting.

Selecting the Plants

Once your garden is weed free, the compost is added and it’s tilled, it’s time to select your plants.  You may have started seeds inside during the winter, and if that’s the case you can transplant those seedlings into the actual garden after the last frost.  For a flower bed, you will need to consider the height of the plants to make sure that you plant the tall ones in the back and short ones in the front.  Take a hint from the label that’s in the plant; if it says it would be a great border plant, then plant it in front because it will be short.  Check out these seven blog posts for more tips about selecting the right plants for your spring garden.

Care of the Garden

Once you have tilled the garden, chosen the plants and planted them, you must know how to care for your plants so that they grow to maturity.  Whether you’ve planted a flower garden or a vegetable garden, you will need to know how to fertilize the plants and get rid of the weeds and bugs.  These seven blog posts can help.

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  1. Useful articles for garden planting, make me to know more about how to prepare my garden for spring planting.