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21 Blogs with Instructions for Spring Nail Designs

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Celebrate spring by painting your nails using the latest trends, colors and patterns.  These 21 blog entries will show you either with pictures or with videos how to achieve these new and trendy nail art designs.  One of the trends is nail stickers, which are so simple that even a beginner should have successful results.  Others are more challenging, but when broken down step-by-step by these bloggers most people shouldn’t have any trouble achieving them.  Remember, it’s only nail polish, and if you mess up you can just remove it and start again.


Spring trends include creating a “feature” nail, much like you would in your home when you paint an accent wall a different color than the other three walls.  This trend works well for those that are busy because you can leave the rest of your nails a solid color and spend time creating one mini work of art instead of five.  Other spring trends are florals or stripes.  One fun new element for spring is scented nail polish!  Try one of these seven spring trends on your nails today.


With every season comes a new pallet of colors to choose from.  Take a look at the colors used in these tutorials.  Bright colors are on trend for spring, so feel free to mix and match by painting each nail a different color.


There are so many patterns for spring, the biggest of which is floral.  Spring is the time when flowers bloom outside, so why not create a few blooms on your nails as well?  Stripes, checks, polka dots and even needlepoint patterns are on trend for 2013.  Try one or try them all and just have fun!

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