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24 Blogs Sharing Refreshing Cold Coffee Recipes to Enjoy this Summer

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Once the weather starts warming up, downing a cup of hot coffee first thing in the morning starts to sound less appealing. Giving up your morning jolt of caffeine, however, is likely out of the question, which is why cold coffee recipes are the perfect way to marry your cup of caffeine with the hot weather. From iced coffee to coffee-inspired desserts, there’s a recipe twist on the traditional hot cup of Joe for everyone, which you’ll find in the following 24 blog posts.

Iced Coffee

While many people think of iced coffee as being a strongly brewed cup poured over ice, iced coffee is actually much more complex than that. There’s an art to brewing coffee for cold coffee drinks, and when done incorrectly you’ll end up with nothing more than cold, watered down coffee. To achieve coffeehouse iced coffee, you first must learn how to cold brew coffee and add it to a glass of ice flavored with your favorite syrup. Check out these eight blog articles to find different iced coffee recipes.

Frozen Coffee

Iced coffee is good, but blended frozen coffee is even better for people who love sweet treats. These eight blogs share a variety of recipes that use coffee in various frozen drink recipes, allowing you to whip up the perfect cold treat.

Coffee Desserts

Coffee isn’t just for first thing in the morning or an afternoon pick-me-up, it’s also the perfect addition to desserts. When added to chocolate, cold coffee can enhance the chocolate flavor, and when drizzled over cake it can make the cake moister. To find more ways to incorporate coffee into your desserts, go through the following eight blog posts.

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