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24 Blogs with the Best Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

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Going to college is an exciting time for teenagers. For the first time, they’ll be living on their own without you under the same roof. As exciting as this transition is, however, it’s also an overwhelming one. One way you can help make this transition easier is by helping your child decorate her dorm room so that it reflects her personality and individuality. It’s important to remember while you’re preparing to decorate that space is limited and that your teenager will need to coordinate with her roommate before taking over the whole room. These 24 blog entries are full of design plans, wall decorating ideas and storage solutions that help you maximize both horizontal and vertical space.

Design Ideas

In the interest of cohesiveness, it’s a good idea for your teen to get to know her roommate prior to college. This allows them to coordinate colors for bedding and decorations so the room looks put together. If their decorating tastes are patently different, you’ll want to make sure that your teen decorates only her side of the room. These six blog entries look at several different dorm room design options that could be the perfect inspiration for your teen.

No Holes Wall Décor

It’s not uncommon for dorms to forbid students from putting holes in the walls. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions available that allow students to hang artwork and other wall décor up without hammering in a single nail. Take a look at these six blog posts for lots of decorating ideas that don’t require nails.

Small Space Storage Tricks

Items that have hidden storage space are a good investment for small spaces like dorm rooms. You can also purchase items that do double duty to help maximize space. You’ll find plenty of space-saving ideas on the next six blog entries.

Go Vertical

Floor space may be limited in a dorm room, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t viable space to take advantage of. For instance, you can hang removable hooks and buy shelving to stay organized and cash in on vertical space.  For other vertical storage ideas check out these six blog entries.

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