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24 Blogs with Ways to Use Mod Podge to Create Upcycled Treasures

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Mod Podge is a liquid that can be used to glue, protect and seal projects with various mediums, such as dressing up the top of a wooden cabinet by mod podging old postcards onto it.  This works especially well if the top of the cabinet was damaged because the postcards can cover up the problem.  Mod Podge can also be used with fabric for wearable art or for bags. While paper and home decorating are probably the most common places to use Mod Podge, the possibilities are endless.  Check out these 24 blog entries showing inventive ways to use Mod Podge to upcycle things you may already have around the house.


Use Mod Podge on wooden items to dress up something plain or to cover up something that has been damaged.  Furniture that seems like it has outlasted its usefulness can be dressed up with some paint and Mod Podge for some renewed life.  Old wooden bracelets can be transformed into fun new arm candy.  Even garage sale picture frames can be upcycled using a little Mod Podge.  Take a look at these six blog posts for other ideas.


Turn trash to treasure by covering items you have lying around the house with fabric.  This craft costs very little and requires minimal effort.  Take an old shoebox and turn it into a decorative storage box.  Create a conversation starter using an old bottle.  Can’t stand that old tin trash can?  Take some fabric and decorate it to make it coordinate with the rest of the room.  You can even take an ugly old pair of shoes and upcycle them with fabric and Mod Podge to create a fashionable new pair.  These projects and others can be found in these six blog articles.


Look around your house or at garage sales for items that have seen better days.  With a little spray paint, paper and Mod Podge what’s old can be new again.  Not only will it be new, but you can match it perfectly to your room.  Find some outdated metal yard ornaments and give them a new life with a few coats of spray paint, some Mod Podge and paper.  Cover up flaws on an old dresser to give it a whole new look.  Crafters can never have enough storage for supplies; make tin cans into storage for pens, markers, glue and other crafty things.  These six blog posts will help you come up with some crafty ways to upcycle.

Home Décor

Where in your home can you add an extra touch of pattern?  Take something dull, like a light switch cover or a lamp shade, and get out the Mod Podge.  You can transform something boring into a real piece of art.  Maps are free, and with all of the changes that happen to the roads they often become obsolete, making them perfect for upcycling something like coasters or bowls.  Take a look at these six blog entries and see if something inspires you to get crafty.

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