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24 of the Greatest Blogs Highlighting Potato Salad Recipes for Those Memorial Day Picnics

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Summer is coming, and with it comes warm nights spent out on the patio eating dinner or picnicking at the lake. Potato salad is a traditional picnic food, but it’s gotten a bad rap over the years because it can spoil if left out in the heat too long. Although many people believe it’s the mayo that causes the salad to go bad, more often it’s the stuff mixed with it that makes it spoil. If you will be staying close to home or eating dinner in a cool, air-conditioned house, then a traditional potato salad recipe may be just what the addition your meal needs.  But if you will be eating al fresco, you might want to try one of the tasty alternatives that allow you to enjoy potato salad sans the spoilage.  Check out these 24 blog articles that share various potato salad recipes.


The traditional potato salad recipe includes boiled potatoes cut into chunks, mayonnaise, salt and pepper and hard-boiled eggs. Some people also like to mix in some mustard with the mayonnaise to give the salad a tangy twist.  Take a look at these six blog posts for a new recipe to try this year.

Hot Potato

Unlike the American version, German potato salad is served warm or at room temperature.  It also usually does not have a mayo-based dressing. Because of this, these types of warm potato salad work well for picnics or potlucks where the salad will be sitting out for a long period of time.  To learn how to make a warm potato salad, check out these six blog entries.

With a Twist

Like with many other traditional recipes, people love to put their own signature stamp on potato salad. If you’re looking for a new take on an old favorite, take a look at the variations that these bloggers have created.


Whether you are allergic to dairy or just don’t like mayonnaise, there are still ways to enjoy potato salad.  These mayo-free recipes also work well for those times when your potato salad will need to sit out for an extended period of time and you are worried about it spoiling.  Take a look at these six blog posts to find a recipe for your next picnic.

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