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25 Blogs with Advice for Homemakers

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According to Webster’s Dictionary, a Homemaker is “someone who manages a household especially as a wife and mother.”  As a homemaker you may find that you’re in need of advice from time to time.  If you are newly married or a new parent you may also be struggling with how to get everything done.  Your priority is the care of your child, but how do you find time to clean the house, plan the meals, organize your home and remind your spouse why you got married?  These 25 blogs have advice for these topics and more from people who have been there and done that or are still doing it today.  Grab a cup of coffee and take a look at these bits of advice.

Cleaning Tips

Illness can be spread by cooking in a dirty kitchen or letting the baby crawl across a dirty floor.  Germs can live on door knobs, light switches and faucet handles for days or weeks if they are not killed.  Here are five blog entries that may be able to help you keep your home clean and healthy.

Time Management

Assuming you have the energy to clean, organize, plan menus and take care of the kids, when do find the time to do those things?  This is where time management comes in.  Everyone wastes time during the day and some time to rest is to be expected, but if you look at your day you may find that there are places where you can create pockets of time to do the things you need to do.  Running a household takes time and you might just find some if you read through the next five blog posts.

Organization Techniques

Organization can be time consuming, but also well worth the effort.  Take organizing in baby steps so you don’t get so overwhelmed that you quit before you’ve gotten very far.  Keeping your house organized will help make a world of difference in other aspects of your life.  If everything has a place then keeping your home clean and tidy will be faster and easier, which will free up time to do other things.  If you are organized, you won’t buy things twice because you can’t find them and you will save money.  Read through these five blog articles and see if you can learn any new tips for organizing your home.

Menu Planning

Planning a menu weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly will help you in several ways.  First, it will save you money because you will know what meals you are fixing, allowing you to create a grocery list for just those items. Sticking to that list when you go grocery shopping will help you save money.  Secondly, it will save you time that would have been spent trying to figure out what’s for dinner.  It will also save your sanity because your family won’t constantly nag you about what’s for dinner.  Figuring out how to create a menu plan can be difficult, but if you read the next five blog entries you might get some help.

Keeping the Romance Alive

Taking care of the kids, the house, the cooking and the cleaning can be so time consuming and stressful that you don’t have much time or energy left for your spouse.  To keep the romance alive, try setting aside a date night or a special time for you and your spouse to just be together.  Put the kids to bed early so you have time after they go to bed.  The following five blog posts will offer other tips for keeping the romance alive in your marriage.

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