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25 of the Best Blogs for Decorating Pumpkins for Fall

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Many families make going to the pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect pumpkin part of their fall tradition.  If your family does this, do you decide on the design that you are going to carve before you go pick out your pumpkin or after you’ve picked out the pumpkin that “speaks” to you at the patch? However you go about picking the perfect pumpkin, decorating pumpkins with your family can be a lot of fun.  Whether you want to carve your pumpkins or simply decorate the outside, these 25 blogs will give you some ideas on how to get started.


If you like creating scary decorations for the outside of your house, you may want to design and create a spooky pumpkin or two to go with your theme.  Depending on what tools you use, you can create some pretty scary pumpkin designs.  Take a look at the designs on these five blog posts for some spooktacular ideas.

With the Kids

Depending on how old your kids are, you might choose to opt for the no carving designs or use the kid-friendly pumpkin carving tools. If you do let your children do the carving, it’s still important that an adult supervise, even if the carving kit is designed for kids.  These five blogs will help you get started with pumpkin decorating tips for kids.

No Cutting Required

Decorating pumpkins doesn’t always require carving, though. Instead, try these no cut methods for pumpkin decorating.  Leaving the pumpkins intact will help them last a lot longer and you will still be able to use them for something else when the season is over.  These no-carve designs can be a safe option for younger children as well.  Check out the ideas on these five blogs.

Holey Moley

Have you ever thought of carving a pumpkin with a drill? Using a drill to do your carving makes the whole process go by a lot faster since the drill is far more powerful that your knife.  It’s also safer to use the drill since you will not be wielding a sharp knife.  Plan out your design ahead of time using inspiration from these five blog entries, and mark the dots on the pumpkin before you drill to make sure that your final project will be everything you want it to be.

Crazy Faces

The traditional jack-o-lantern is a face, but pumpkin carving has evolved into somewhat of an art form by some of the carvers featured on these five blogs.  You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate the skill involved in some of these designs, and there’s even some simpler face designs included on these blogs as well.

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