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27 Blogs Highlighting Unique Ways to Decorate Using Paper Lanterns

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Decorating with paper lanterns has become a popular trend over the last five years or so, and many party planners are incorporating paper lanterns in place of balloons to add color and because they don’t deflate over time. While paper lantern designs are getting more elaborate, many crafters are also getting creative with how they embellish their paper lanterns. By adding paint or paper to a plain paper lantern, you can turn it into something unique. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or a wedding, paper lanterns can be used everywhere, and these 27 blogs will show you examples and directions for how to dress up and use your own paper lanterns.

Kids’ Parties

Solid colored lanterns can easily be repurposed with a little embellishment to a fit a certain theme, and paper lanterns come in so many colors that you’ll never run out of ideas. The brightly colored lanterns add a pop of color and life to your party. Because of their popularity, you can even find paper lanterns at most discount and party stores. Check out the way these bloggers used paper lanterns to dress up different kids’ parties.

Elegant Chandeliers

When you think of a chandelier, your first thought is probably of a large light fixture dripping with sparkly jewels. However, you can create the same chandelier effect for less with paper lanterns and tissue flowers. Some paper lanterns come with a battery operated light already inside, making them perfect for a chandelier. Otherwise, you may need some Christmas lights or paper lantern lights.  Learn how to create an eye-catching chandelier for your next party by reading these nine blogs.

Outside Events and Gatherings

Evening events that are held outdoors need some form of light so that people can see to eat, talk and mingle. Paper lanterns of various sizes are perfect for outdoor lighting because you can hang them from the trees to cast a soft glow. If you have an activity where you need more light, you may consider creating a paper lantern chandelier above the table or dance floor. These nine blogs will show you several different ways to incorporate paper lanterns at your next outdoor event.

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