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27 Blogs with Amazingly Easy Painting Techniques for Your Walls

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Painting your own walls is a very simple thing you can do that will pack a massive design punch.  Paint is inexpensive and painting is definitely something that a homeowner can do herself.  The most important thing to decide is what color you want to paint your room.  Once you decide on a color, you can take a look at these 27 blog articles about faux painting techniques.  It doesn’t matter whether you are applying paint with a sea sponge or a feather duster, you just need to get the paint on the wall.  If you aren’t sure about a certain technique, try it out on a few practice boards.  You can test out a few different ideas without a big investment.  Paint is available in small tester samples now for a couple of bucks.  Create a basecoat and then decide what color would look best on top of that base color and what pattern you want.  Read on for more information to help you make your decision.

Strange Tools

Applying paint with a plastic grocery sack sounds weird, but it is an interesting technique that gives you creases that look like leather.  You can wash paint on with a rag or remove paint with a sponge.  One popular technique uses a wallpaper brush to remove paint from the wall, giving it a streaky texture.  Take a look at these nine blog posts to see which end result most appeals to you and then you can read how you can accomplish the same look in your own home.


Painter’s tape has improved greatly over the years and is now an essential tool when painting a wall.  Do you want to create a faux stone or brick look in your room?  You can use tape to create the grout marks.  If you are a fan of graphic patterns, you can create your own pattern with tape and then paint over it.  Remove the tape and you have a bold accent wall that would work well in a teenager’s room.  This look is more mature than a look he may have had as a kid, but it’s still edgy and interesting enough to belong to a teenager.  Tape is the perfect tool when creating stripes.  Use your imagination to create your own stripe pattern on the wall.  If you like subtle looks, create stripes with the same color paint, one in a flat finish and one in glossy.  For more ideas on how to use tape to create an interesting wall design check out these nine blog entries.

Modified Roller

Whether you are tying rags around a regular paint roller or cutting away the texture with a Dremel tool, you can create unique paint looks by modifying a paint roller.  If you want a pattern but aren’t into creating it yourself, you can buy paint rollers that already have a pattern on them.  Some are very intricate and once completed it looks like wallpaper on the wall instead of paint.  Get the look of wallpaper for less by using this technique.  Maybe you just want to add some texture to your walls to cover up some uneven plaster; you can apply textured paints with a roller.  Read through these nine ideas and see if any of them strike your fancy.

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