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27 of the Best Blogs Explaining How You Can Cook Once and Eat All Week

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With today’s fast pace and the increasingly busy schedules people keep, it’s not uncommon to find yourself eating out more often than not. However, while frequenting restaurants and fast food joints may seem like a faster option than cooking at home, there are ways to cut back on the time spent in the kitchen and the money spent from your wallet. Meal planning ahead of time, making one large grocery trip each week and taking a few hours on the weekend to prep your food for the upcoming week can help ensure that you have dinner on the table no matter how busy your weeknights get. These 27 blog entries are full of tips and tricks for cooking once and eating all week long.

Tips and Tricks

There are several different ways to cook once and have enough food for the rest of the week. Making dishes in bulk and freezing them, repurposing leftovers into new meals and cooking up a big batch of protein and incorporating it into several different meals are all ways you can make a day in the kitchen stretch into meals for the week. For more tips and tricks to make your meals last, take a look at these nine blog entries.


Frequently dining out doesn’t just affect your wallet, it can also adversely affect your waistline if you aren’t careful. Prepping healthy meals ahead of time can help you beat the belly bulge that can come with numerous nights of fast food eating and help save you some money. Having food already prepared makes it easy to choose to stay home instead of dine out, and these nine blog posts will help make your meal planning a snap.


Sitting down to a family dinner may seem like an impossible task, but by planning out meals and cooking once for the week you can carve out more time to sit down together as a family and enjoy a meal. These nine blogs are full of kid-friendly recipes that will please the entire family, and will eliminate all of those pleas for drive-through kids meals.

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