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28 Blogs with Juicy Melon Recipes to Keep Your Kitchen Cool as the Weather Warms Up

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Melon season starts in late April when California melons start becoming available, and peak season runs from June through August.  Melons have many health benefits, and are full of vitamin C, vitamin A, beta carotene, folate and potassium, just to name a few.  These 28 blog entries will share some tasty recipes in which you can use melons.


Ham or prosciutto wrapped around slices of cantaloupe has long been hailed as an appetizer favorite. The saltiness of the ham combined with the sweet juiciness of the melon makes for an appetizer that is simple to make, and the results are simply delicious. For other melon appetizer recipes, check out these seven blog posts.


The fresh, vibrant colors of melons brighten up any salad, and by combining all three melons into the same salad you’ll have an array of colors and a healthy dish to take to summer parties.  Pairing melons with some greens can also help boost the nutritional value of a salad. Take a look at these seven blog articles and choose a salad to try tonight.


How about a cool and refreshing melon smoothie to sip on the porch while you enjoy the warmer weather?  Because melons are made up of primarily water, they puree well in drinks.  The fruity drinks in these seven blog posts will cool you off in no time.  Some of these recipes contain alcohol, but many do not and would be appropriate for sharing with the kids.


Melons lend themselves to a number of different types of recipes.  You can make a melon cake, crisp, frozen granita or just dress up the fruit itself with toppings.  This healthy and light summer dessert can refresh you as well as satisfy your sweet tooth without wrecking your figure. Browse through these seven blog articles and see if any of these dessert recipes inspire you to get cooking.

Whether you have tons of melons in your garden to use up or you found a great deal at a farmer’s market, these recipes will help you find plenty of ways to use up those melons. If you don’t get around to eating them right away, don’t let them go to waste! Melons freeze beautifully.  Cut up your melons and spread the chunks into a single layer on a cookie sheet and flash freeze them for an hour in the freezer. Once they are solid you can toss them into freezer bags.  Just think, you could be enjoying one of these recipes in the middle of the winter if you freeze some of your melons while they are in season.

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