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30 Blogs Containing Creative Way to Decorate a Boys Bedroom

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Decorating your child’s bedroom can often be quite the undertaking. From picking the perfect paint shade to coordinating furniture and accessories, it can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t already have an idea of where to start. One way to cut down on the stress of decorating is to come up with a theme that you are able to tie colors, bedding and accessories into. Age is another important factor, as a nursery is much different to put together than a teen’s room.   These 30 blog posts are full of photos of various rooms for boys, and hopefully will give you some inspiration for creating a room for your son.


Because nurseries are short-lived and your baby boy will transition into toddlerhood quickly, some people prefer to paint the room in a versatile color palette and then change it as the boy ages. Others take on the project with big plans of murals and mobiles and stars on the ceiling.  How you create the nursery for your son will depend on whether you want to use a theme or not.  These six blog entries share tons of nursery ideas from which you can draw inspiration.


Once your baby boy enters the toddler phase, you’ll want to upgrade his room to a “big boy” room. Buying the bed is an important factor in this, as you’ll have to decide between purchasing a toddler bed or a regular bed. If you opt for the toddler bed, keep in mind that you’ll need to upgrade again in a few years. On the other hand, if you choose a bigger bed, you’ll be able to use the bedroom as a guest room any time you have company. These six blog articles will help you determine how to go about decorating your toddler’s room.


Pre-teens and teens often have a pretty good idea of how they would like their room to look, so you’ll have less to discern when decorating a teen’s room. They also are more likely to want neutral colors or to integrate a hobby into their room’s theme. Look over the room designs in these six blog posts with your teen and see if you can come to a meeting of the minds.


Using a theme to design a room can be a lot of fun.  If your child loves dinosaurs, use that passion to create the ultimate dinosaur room. If he’s into skateboards, use actual skateboards as shelving instead of basic shelves. Check out the themes in these six blog entries for more unique ideas.


Timeless rooms are those that focus on using neutral colors and colors that grow with the child instead of rooms that are full of age-specific colors and designs. Many people also opt for white furniture instead of furniture that is trendy or has designs on it. Timeless rooms allow you to build on the basics. These six blog entries will share some pictures of timeless room designs and make some suggestions on how to create a timeless room.

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