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30 Blogs Showing You How to Throw the Best Pool Party

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Summer is approaching, which means the weather’s heating up and it’s time to start planning that pool party! Pool parties are a great way to get people together, whether you’re planning a party for children, adults, friends or family. If you are having an adult only party, you need to specify that on the invitation.  Otherwise you can choose any invitation that you like.  You may end up adding an additional theme to your pool party, like a Hawaiian Luau, Pirates Reef or Mermaids.  Next, start decorating with beach balls and pool noodles and other items that go with your chosen theme.  Pool parties have a built in activity, but sometimes it is fun having specific games to play.  Then you will need to decide on food and drinks; finger foods typically work well at a pool party.  Take a look at these 30 blog articles to get some ideas.


Choose an invitation that represents the type of party that you are throwing and make sure to give any necessary details about the party in the invitation.  Do something original, like writing the party details on a beach ball and then deflating it for delivery.  Whether you want to make your own invitations or order them, you can find help on these six blog posts.


Once you start setting up for your pool party, you’ll want to make sure that you have a tent or covered area to set up the food.  Add helium balloons around the pool to add a festive touch, or hand each guest a lei when they arrive if you’re having a Hawaiian Luau.  Tie in your decorations to your theme.  Check out these six blog entries for more decorating ideas.

Pool Games

There’s only so long that kids will want to just swim around in a pool with nothing to do, so it’s important that you have some games for the kids to play.  They can do noodle races or a wet T-shirt relay race.  Take a look at these six blog articles for more fun pool games.


Hotdogs and hamburgers are a stand by for outdoor parties, but if you want to try some different ideas try Pool Party Pasta or other foods that will tie into your theme.  Finger foods may also be a good idea since everyone will be in their swimming suits.  Check out these six blog posts for more festive food ideas for your party.


Being outside in the heat during the party will make everyone thirsty, and it’s important that everyone stay hydrated so that no one gets sick during the party.  Keeping a cooler full of water bottles is always a smart idea.  Lemonade and punch also work well for children’s parties.  If you will have adults and children, you may want to serve an alcoholic drink along with the non-alcoholic ones.  Find tons of drink recipe ideas in these six blog entries that you can serve at your next pool party.

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