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30 Blogs to Get You Upcycling

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Most people have probably heard the phrase, “From trash to treasure”.  That’s the idea behind upcycling.  You take things that you would normally throw in the landfill and turn them into things that you can use again.  These 30 bloggers have come up with some amazing ideas for turning your trash into something that you will treasure.


Everyone reuses things that are normally reused, like towels and dish cloths.  However, when you’re thinking of ideas for upcycling, you’ll want to re-use items in a new way.  These five blog entries will give you some ideas on how to reuse items in a whole different way.


Many cities across the country have implemented a recycling program where someone from the city comes by and picks up newspapers, some plastics and glass.  There are more recycling opportunities if you look for them.  From recycling old computers to cigarette butts these five bloggers have got the information.

Made at Home Gift Wrap

Gift wrap often has a very short life span.  Kids and adults alike enjoy ripping the paper off to find their present, but much of that gift wrap ends up in the landfill.  Here are five blog entries that explain why there may be a better way.

Trading in Jewelry

As the price of gold climbs it seems like more and more of those businesses that buy your gold jewelry pop up.  Here are five blog posts about trading in jewelry.


When kids outgrow their clothes or your husband wears out the knee in his jeans do you just throw them in the trash?  Check out what these five bloggers have done with old clothes to upcycle them.


Creating works of art using discarded items is pretty popular and takes advantage of piles of items that would normally be thrown out and turns them into something beautiful.  These five blog entries will help you re-envision your cast offs and help you turn them into something new.

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