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30 Blogs with the Best Housekeeping Tips

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If you are looking for some new inspiration for getting your home clean, look no further.  These 30 bloggers have put together tips to help you get your home clean and keep it that way.  From cleaning the tough areas, like the bathroom and the kitchen, to getting on a cleaning schedule so your house stays spotless, these blogs can help.


Keep your bathroom clean by making a habit of maintaining a quick daily cleaning routine, that way you won’t have to work nearly so hard at keeping it spotless. When you do a little bit of cleaning daily you’ll ensure that your bathroom is always sparkling and you won’t have to spend so much time scrubbing when you have guests coming to visit.  Take some tips and tricks from these five bloggers.

Kids Rooms

Tackling a major cleaning of the kids’ rooms is rarely a fun endeavor, but with these tips for keeping the kids’ rooms clean, it won’t be such a chore.  Use these blog entries as a guide to getting the kids’ rooms clean and keeping them that way.


Keeping the kitchen clean when you have kids running around messing it up right behind you is definitely no easy feat.  These five bloggers have come up with suggestions on how to make it easier to maintain a clean kitchen.


Probably one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when cleaning your home is figuring out where to store all of your stuff.  Experts will tell you that everything needs to have a home if you ever hope to keep your house clean.  These bloggers will help you get organized and find a place for everything.

Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining a hectic schedule and a clean house can seem like a huge joke, and keeping the house in order is usually the first thing to fall by the wayside, especially when there are more enjoyable tasks to tackle. Here are some blog posts with ideas for cleaning schedules that you can follow.

Cleaning Products

Once you figure out how to go about cleaning and organizing your home you might decide that you would like to try some different options for cleaning products.  From homemade solutions to earth friendly products and more, these five blogs have it all.

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