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30 Blogs with the Best Tips for Removing Stains from Kids Clothes

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Kids are always getting stains on their clothes and often it’s a mystery as to what the stain is. When you can pinpoint what made the mess, getting it out is a whole lot easier.  These 30 blogs have all sorts of methods for removing stains.

Food Stains

Probably one of the most common stains a kid can get is a food stain.  Non-greasy food stains, like chocolate or grape juice are tough to get out.  Check out these five blog entries to find out what you should do if you have a non-grease related food stain.

Bodily Fluid Stains

Little Billy just got hit in the nose with a ball and now blood is gushing all over his shirt.  Can you get it out?  Blood is a tough stain to get out, but others are tougher.  The quicker you act the better off you are.  Check out these five blog entries for tips on cleaning bodily fluid stains.

Grass Stains

If you have an athlete in the house or just a kid that likes to play outside a lot you have probably seen your share of grass stains.  The commercials will all tell you that the detergent alone will get them out, but often that doesn’t happen.  Here are five bloggers that know a thing or two about grass stains.

Grease Stains

Greasy food stains are pretty common for kids and adults alike, food drips and then you wipe it and you think you got it, only to find a greasy stain later.  Take a look at these five blog posts for tips on dealing with the stubborn grease stain.

Paint Stains

Do you have a young artist in your midst?  Paint of all types is often difficult to get out of clothes even when it says, “washable.”  Here are five blog entries to help you get the paint stains out of your kids’ clothes.

Sweat Stains

As your child gets older they will sweat more and more and it will be harder to remove the sweat stains from their clothes.  If you have a child that is an athlete you might want to check out these five blog posts to find out what the best way to remove sweat stains from your kids’ clothes is.

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