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30 Blogs with Tips for Recycling Wrapping Paper Scraps to Save You Money

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Wrapping paper is a fun, colorful way to give your gifts a nice, polished look.  People love to unwrap gifts, but what do you do with the wrapping paper scraps once the occasion is over?  You reuse and recycle them, that’s what!  Did your child have a super hero birthday party and receive tons of presents wrapped in super hero wrapping paper?  It’s too bad you have to throw that all in the landfill.  Why not cut out the characters and make them into stick puppets or let your kids create cards or other crafts with the wrapping paper scraps?  Use the scraps in a whole new way or craft with them to make something different.  You can even use scraps of wrapping paper to create new wrapping supplies.  Check out these 30 blogs for more ideas on recycling wrapping paper.


Many kids love to craft, so anytime you can give your child some paper and glue and let him create is almost guaranteed to be a good time.  You can even use wrapping paper to teach colors and counting.  By getting more use out of your wrapping paper you are saving yourself money and keeping a little one busy for a while.  Take a look at these six blog posts for more crafty ideas to do with your preschooler.


Taking scraps of wrapping paper and turning them into drawing paper or note paper gives that paper a new purpose.  These six blog entries will show you how you can repurpose wrapping paper scraps into a myriad of different things.


Break out the Mod Podge because it’s time to craft.  Cover a fist sized rock with colorful wrapping paper and Mod Podge and let it dry.  You now have a pretty paper weight for your desk.  Glue strips of wrapping paper to clothes pins and create seasonal refrigerator magnets with your scraps.  These six blog articles will show you many different crafts to do with wrapping paper.


You might not think that wrapping paper could be used as a decoration, but it can.  You can decorate your home by making some fancy twinkle lights or decorate yourself with a tissue paper bracelet.  Just think, the next time you have a party you can use leftover tissue paper to make paper peonies to hang from the ceiling.  These and other decorating ideas can be found in the next six blog posts.


Give your wrapping paper scraps new life as a gift bag or as a bow.  These colorful papers still have a lot of life left in them and can serve as a way to decorate presents.  How about creating gift tags from some card stock and wrapping paper scraps?  They are festive and you’ve found a way to use what you have without having to run to the store to buy tags.  Browse through these six blog entries to breathe new life into your scraps.

Next time you wrap a present you may look at those scraps in a whole new light.  By recycling and reusing the scraps you will be helping the environment by keeping that paper out of the landfill.

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2 Responses to 30 Blogs with Tips for Recycling Wrapping Paper Scraps to Save You Money

  1. Ashley M. says:

    Thank you for featuring my blog in your post. You have created the ultimate list of Repurposing Wrapping paper. I look forward to creating some of these projects in the future! Love your blog!

  2. Bobbie says:

    Thanks for sharing my link. Great round up of ideas!