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30 of the Best Blogs on Party Etiquette

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Parties can range from being casual social affairs to more formal events, and are an important part of socializing and networking. Getting together with friends, coworkers and even complete strangers and socializing lays the foundation to form new connections and open the door to new experiences. However, party-going isn’t always as easy as just showing up. Uncertainty about what to bring, when to arrive and how to sneak out early are common questions that every party-goer faces.  Discover some of the answers to your burning etiquette questions in these 30 blogs.

Hostess Gifts

Bringing a small gift to thank your hostess for opening up her house and serving you a nice dinner is a polite gesture. It’s common for guests to bring over a bottle of wine for the hostess, and this is typically a safe option if you don’t know her that well. If the hostess is a close friend, you can bring something more personalized to her taste. These six blogs contain other hostess gift ideas that will make your decision easier.

Fashionably Late

When to arrive to a party varies on the type of party that it is.  If you have been invited to a dinner party, you will want to arrive no more than 15 minutes late because you don’t want to delay dinner.  If it’s a cocktail party, you may be able to come as late as 20 minutes, but any more and you will need to let your hostess know that you have been delayed so that she is not holding off on any activities for you.  For other suggestions on when to arrive, read these six blog posts.

Leaving a Party

A common rule of thumb for acceptable departure times is that you should stay at a dinner party until after dessert has been served.  Ideally, plan on staying at least an hour after dinner to socialize unless other people start to leave, and then you can take your leave at the same time.  Cocktail parties typically run two to four hours, so plan to stay at least 45 minutes at a two hour party or an hour and half at a four hour party.  Other methods for how to leave a party early without being rude can be found in these six blogs.


Typically, the drinking of alcohol is standard at parties.  If you do not drink, don’t be afraid to ask the hostess for something non-alcoholic.  The main thing to remember about drinking at a party is practicing moderation.  You are at the party to socialize and have fun, but you want to be careful not to overindulge.  More guidelines on drinking etiquette at parties can be found in these six blog entries.

Taboo Topics

Remember the old adage about not talking about sex, religion or politics at a party and you should be safe when it comes to avoiding taboo topics. There will inevitably be somebody that brings up a topic of conversation that has the potential to veer off into a more heated discussion, but you should try to keep the conversation light. These bloggers will give you some tips about what topics are safe to talk about and how to diffuse a conversation that may have gotten heated.

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