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How to Clean Up From Christmas

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Once the holidays are over you’re left with the less than desirable task of putting up all of the decorations and thoroughly cleaning and returning your house to a normal state.  But where do you even begin? Here are the steps that you need to take to make your house look tidy and organized again after the chaos of Christmas.

Tidy up the house.

  1. Make sure that all of the paper and cardboard boxes have been put in the recycling bin.
  2. Trash that cannot be recycled should be bagged up and taken out.
  3. Rinse any dishes and run the dishwasher.
  4. Wash any delicate china or serving items that cannot go in the dishwasher by hand.
  5. Dry those big serving dishes and put them away.
  6. Clean your counters off and wipe everything down.
  7. Run some ice, salt and baking soda down the garbage disposal to get rid of any lingering odors.
  8. Wash any sheets from the guest room.
  9. Run the vacuum around the house.
  10. Sweep and mop the kitchen floor.

Put decorations away.

  1. Remove ornaments from the tree and pack them away in their boxes.
  2. Remove the lights from the tree and wind them up for storage.
  3. Take a real tree out to the curb for pick up, or disassemble a fake tree and put it back in its box.
  4. Take down any other decorations around the house and pack them away in their respective boxes.
  5. Pack away any holiday centerpieces from the tables and replace them with your everyday centerpieces.
  6. Take down any lights that are on the exterior of the house and wrap them up to store away until next year.
  7. Pull up any stakes or yard decorations and put them in the garage, basement or attic.
  8. Take the wreath off the front door and pack it away in a wreath storage box.
  9. Collect and pack away any other little Christmas figurines from around the house.
  10. Wash up the holiday towels and put away the holiday bathroom knickknacks.

Make room for new stuff.

  1. An important rule to remember: for every one thing that comes in, one thing needs to go out.
  2. Donate any clothes that don’t fit so that you have plenty of room for the new clothes you got for Christmas.
  3. As you are putting away Christmas decorations, make sure you pull out any broken or tattered decorations that you will never use again and trash them.
  4. If you bought new stockings for the kids, make sure that you donate the ones that they used last year so that kids who don’t have nice stockings have a chance to use them.
  5. Kitchen clutter is created by having more things than you need or duplicates of items.  If you received anything new for your kitchen, make sure you get rid of a few old things to make room.  Do you really need 5 spatulas, 3 soup ladles and 8 wooden spoons? Probably not. Cut down on duplicates to organize your kitchen tools.
  6. As you are washing and putting away your holiday linens take a good look at them.  Do you have sheet sets that you will never use?  Gather those up and donate them to Goodwill or some other charity.
  7. Go through the toy chest and take out any toys that your kids have outgrown or no longer play with and put them in a box to donate.  This will make room for all of the new toys the kids got for Christmas.
  8. Cleaning out the coat closet is a must.  If your kids got new winter coats this year, make sure that you donate the coats that they’ve out grown to kids who don’t have warm coats.  Many stores do coat drives during December.
  9. Books, books and more books.  If your kids received new books for Christmas, make sure that you go through the book shelves and pick out a bunch of books that are too young for them or that they didn’t like.  Donate the books to a library or a shelter.
  10. Videos, CD’s and DVD’s also need to be gone through.  If you no longer have a VCR, why hold on to VHS tapes?  Put these tapes into a box and donate them.  Do the same with CD’s you don’t listen to or DVD’s you don’t watch anymore.

The end of the year is the ideal time to do all of these things because you will be donating all of these items in time to include them as tax write-offs for the current year.  Plus your house will be clean and somewhat de-cluttered, allowing you to move on and think about New Years!

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