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How to Find the Best Copycat Restaurant Recipes

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Chain restaurants have a very good reason for their overwhelming popularity: great food! Unfortunately, a troubling economic climate can make it difficult for large families to justify eating out on a regular basis, regardless of how strong cravings can get. Thankfully, an entire community of foodies has sprung up around the concept of copycat cooking, in which famous restaurant dishes and high-end foods are replicated with a startling degree of accuracy. The next time you find yourself battling a craving for expensive dishes from your favorite restaurant, these ideas can help you figure out how to make it yourself.

Check Out Dedicated Food Blogs

If there’s an interest group for a particular subject, there’s a section of the blogosphere dedicated to the community. Copycat recipes are no exception, and there is a staggering number of cooking blogs that deal only in replications of famous foods. After you’ve dedicated a bit of time to locating your favorites amongst the crowd, you’ll find that seeking out a particular recipe is far easier. You may even find ideas for meals that you wouldn’t ordinarily think of, especially those from restaurants that don’t have locations in your area. An added bonus of finding copycat recipes through food blogs is the ability to peruse the comments of both the blogger and readers to determine how accurate a recipe is before you get down to work. The comments section is also a reliable source of hints, tips and tricks for improving a recipe or bringing it closer to the original.

Visit Major Recipe Websites

In addition to the dazzling array of food blogs dedicated to copycat recipes, the Internet is also home to a large selection of recipe websites. While some admin-updated sites will include the occasional copycat recipe, your best bets are those that allow submissions from the community. Don’t forget that there are also websites built around the copycat concept, most of which offer a selection of recipes as an attempt to promote eBooks or paid memberships. Before you shell out money for online subscriptions, it’s a good idea to try out a few of the sample recipes to check for accuracy.

Hit Your Local Book Store

Though modern technology steers most people to their computers or smartphone in order to obtain new information, there’s still something to be said for a good, old-fashioned book store. Hit the cooking section of your local chain or independent store and browse the shelves; you’re sure to find a hefty selection of copycat cookbooks nestled among the other offerings. Don’t be afraid to approach the retail associates if you can’t find a particular book, as they may be able to help you locate it or can order a copy for you.

Browse Pinterest

Pinterest became an almost overnight sensation, with early adopters waiting weeks to receive their invitations. While Pinterest is officially dedicated to the collection of anything that strikes a Pinner’s fancy, the vast majority of the content is dedicated to recipes, cooking tips and homemaker’s hints. Sifting through cooking and recipe boards is a great way to find not only new and exciting original recipes, but also a selection of copycat recipes perfected by bloggers and Pinners themselves. It’s wise to save surfing Pinterest for a relatively slow day, however, because the sheer volume of interesting hints and tips can be quite distracting and could potentially eat up a large chunk of your time.

When you locate the recipes you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to experiment or tweak the directions until your dishes are satisfactory. Remember, many copycat recipes are the result of experimentation in the home kitchen. If you’re fortunate enough to have a back-of-the-house restaurant cook in your extended network of friends, family and acquaintances, it’s also a smart move to ask for their guidance. Even if they work for a company that won’t allow them to disclose exact recipes, they may be able to give you a general idea to start working around.

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