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How to Host a Fall Themed Dinner Party

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The fall season, with its cooler temperatures and changing colors, is a brilliant time to host a dinner party.  Since the weather is typically mild, people are able to socialize both indoors and outdoors. It’s not so unbearably hot that you’re forced to avoid cooking meals in your oven and it’s not so cold that people have to bundle up to go outside.

To host a fall themed dinner party you’ll need to first decide whether you’d like your dinner party to be homey and casual or elegantly classic.  Either atmosphere can be simple and inexpensive to create.

Casual and Homey

If you’d like to go with a homey and casual atmosphere you can plan an outdoor party with a rustic fall theme.  Place a collection of hurricanes candle holders face down in the center of the table on top of an assortment of fall colored candles.  You can choose a variety of hurricane candles to complement the casual feel of the party. Weave in some artificial fall leaves between the hurricanes. Be sure to keep the center low enough for casual conversation.  Use placemats instead of a tablecloth.  Leaf shaped placemats tie in with the fall theme nicely, or you can simply cut some rectangles out of some burlap.  Wrap the silverware first with a napkin and then tie some wire with pumpkins or gourd embellishments around them.  Set out bales of hay for people to sit on.

Food needs to be casual and should be served buffet or family style.  Appetizers should be light and not overly fussy.  Set out some cheese and crackers.  Choose a blue cheese, aged cheddar and brie.  Put out a basket of sliced baguette and some crackers.  Create a big bowl of salad by mixing iceberg lettuce, dried cranberries, apple chunks, and candied pecans, and dress it with an apple cider dressing.  A big pot of chili or some chicken corn chowder makes for a great entrée.  Set out crackers, cheese, and other toppings for the soup.  For dessert you can go outside and make S’mores over a bonfire or fire pit.   Offer up different candy bars and giant marshmallows for a fun twist on the traditional S’mores.

The party favor doesn’t have to be huge.  A fun fall option is to give out caramel apples to everyone as they leave.  You can buy these or make your own and wrap them in a cellophane bag and tie them off with a ribbon.

*Remember when planning an outdoor party that you need to have an indoor back up plan just in case the weather turns bad.

Elegantly Classic

Greet your guests with a fun cocktail of spiced apple cider and champagne.  A rich chocolate brown tablecloth can cover the table, and a low floral arrangement made with seasonal flowers should be the centerpiece.  Add a couple of candlesticks on either side of the floral arrangement.  Silverware should be matching and placed on either side of the plates.  A dessert spoon or fork can be placed at the top of the plate.  Be sure to set out a wine glass and a water glass for each guest.  A matching cloth napkin can be laid on the plate under the soup bowl.

The food needs to be a little more formal, but not necessarily pricey.  Slow roasted pork tenderloin paired with root vegetables make for an affordable option.  For the first course you can offer a pumpkin soup or butternut squash bisque.  For dessert you can create a comforting apple tart and serve it with some caramel ice cream.  All courses should be served to guests at the table.

The party favor can be a small box containing 4 chocolate truffles wrapped with satin ribbon, in a rich brown or cranberry color, depending on what colors you used on the table.  You can make your own truffles or buy them at a specialty store.

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