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How to Make Beds Like They Do at a Hotel

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Do you ever wonder why no matter how hard you try, your bed is never as perfectly welcoming as the beds you return to in hotel rooms? There is just something about those crisp, wrinkle free sheets and perfectly tucked duvet covers that beckons you to snuggle in. Well, now your bed at home can be as luxurious as the ones you sleep in while traveling. Simply follow these steps to create your own sleep utopia.

  • Underneath It All - Five star hotels don’t begin the bed-making process with the fitted sheet. Placed atop the firm mattress are usually a mattress protector, a boxed feather bed, and then a felt sheet protector. So if you are looking to improve comfort, consider adding some of these layers beneath your sheets.
  • The Fitted Sheet - With sheets, the higher the thread-count, the more softness you will experience. Hotels usually use 300-400 thread count sheets in order for the sheets to last through many guest stays. At home you may even want to increase to a 600 thread count. Egyptian cotton is said to be the best material for sheets, but it is really a matter of preference. Some people like the feel of sateen, while others are partial to micro cotton. Choose what feels best to you while paying attention to quality. Once you have your comfortable sheets, you are going to want to wash and starch them. Then, iron them to make them flat and wrinkle free. If you don’t iron, you can send them to the dry cleaners or just put them on as soon as you remove them from the dryer. Be sure to tuck all the corners of the fitted sheet under the mattress. Then, walk around the perimeter of the bed and tuck in all the edges tightly so there are no visible wrinkles.
  • The Flat Sheet - Place the flat sheet upside down on top of the bed. Again, pull it tight and tuck it under the mattress. Why upside down? When you fold it over later, it will display better.
  • The Light Blanket - Place a thin blanket on top of the flat sheet. Tuck this in at the bottom of the bed. Now, fold it over at the head of the bed about twelve inches.  Fold your top sheet over twelve inches as well on top of the blanket (yes, you will have to untuck a little of your top sheet). Now go around the perimeter of the bed and tuck your thin blanket in tight so there are no visible wrinkles.
  • The Comforter/ Duvet - With your comforter or duvet, you have two choices. The first choice is to lay the duvet over your bed so that is hangs over equally on both sides. Pull it up over your pillows that are piled evenly and lying flat on your bed (be sure to fluff first) and tuck it under by pushing your hand under the pillows, making a perfect crease. Your other option is to again lay the duvet or comforter on the bed with it hanging equally over both sides. Then, fold it down about halfway so that you can proudly display your perfect top sheet-blanket fold. This creates a more layered look for your bed.
  • Pillows - If you chose to pull your duvet or comforter over your pillows, you can skip this step. However, if you folded your comforter down, you will want to fluff the pillows and then smooth the cases with your hand to ensure they are wrinkle free. Again, it is a good idea to iron these for optimal crispness. You will want to place larger pillows in the back against the headboard. Two or three placed in decorative shams is the norm. Follow with two medium standard size pillows in front of those. Have these in decorative pillow cases that match the rest of your bed ensemble. Finally, place a small decorative pillow in the front.
  • Optional - For an added touch, spray on some rose water, lavender or mint for a natural, herbal scent that welcomes you home. Add a colored throw or bed scarf to the foot of the bed to dress up a neutral ensemble.

Following these steps will help ensure that you retire at the day’s end to a relaxing retreat. The added comfort will increase the quality of your sleep, making you feel rested and energized in the morning. You’ll wonder how you ever slept before learning these tried and true secrets of the perfect bed.

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