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Ornament Storage Ideas and Tips

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While decorating for the Christmas holidays is something that usually brings the entire family immense joy, taking down all of the decorations is a task that most family members try their best to avoid. Christmas tree ornaments are one of the trickiest decorations to put away because they come in so many different shapes and sizes, and finding a storage option that fits all of them can be far from an easy task.  These storage ideas will help ensure that all of your ornaments remain intact during the off seasons so that you have your complete collection ready to hang on the tree next year.

Round balls

Round ball ornaments are the easiest to store because there are so many options on the market for storage.  Divided trays work well for glass balls, or you can layer them into a large box with plenty of padding in between each layer to keep them protected until next year.

Small breakable ornaments

Take an egg carton and some cotton balls to create a safe bed for each ornament.  Put a large cotton ball into each hole of the egg carton and then set the ornaments on top.  Close the egg carton and wrap large rubber bands around the carton to make sure that the box does not pop open.

Icicle shaped ornaments

Toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes work well for icicle storage.  Which one you use will depend on how long your icicle ornament is.  To make sure that nothing gets broken, you may want to wrap some tissue paper around the icicle before placing it in the cardboard tube.  Place the tubes in a plastic bin upright to prevent smashing of the ornaments.  They will be less likely to break standing up since it would be harder to crush the tube in an upright position.

Handmade paper ornaments

Paper ornaments are difficult to deal with when it comes to storage.  The next time you are in the grocery store look for the fruit that comes in the large bubble packs.  The fruit does well in them because the plastic is so hard it prevents the fruit from getting all bruised in transit.  The plastic will do the same job protecting your ornaments.  Place the paper ornaments inside the bubbles and set the other half of the bubble on top and tape closed.

Unusually shaped ornaments

Create your own divided storage.  Recycle the cardboard from gifts and mailing boxes or use foam core board.  Determine the size and shape that the compartment needs to be and then cut the cardboard into strips.  If the ornament is 4 inches at its tallest, then the cardboard strips need to be 4 inches wide.  If the ornament is 6 inches long, then cut slits every 6 inches in two other strips of cardboard and cut halfway through the strip in both the horizontal and vertical strips.  The length of the strips will depend upon the box that you are storing the ornaments in and where you are getting your cardboard.  If your storage box is 24 inches by 36 inches your vertical strips need to be 36 inches long and your horizontal strips need to be 24 inches long.  The slits can vary depending on the ornaments; the grid does not have to be equal across the box.  Slip the cardboard together at the slits to create a grid.  Wrap the ornaments in tissue paper and then place them in one of the boxes created by the grid.  Once that layer is completed you can lay a piece of cardboard over the top and create a second grid if you like.  This will depend on how deep your box is.  Just continue as before to create a grid that works for your ornaments.

Bell shaped ornaments

Create your own storage system using hot glue, clear plastic cups and some sheets of cardboard.  Cut the cardboard sheets a little smaller than the box that you are going to store the ornaments in.  Depending on the box, you might be able to fit two or three layers of cups in the box.  Apply some hot glue to the bottom of a plastic cup and sit it in the corner of the cardboard.  Add glue to a second cup and place it right next to the first cup.  Continue in this manner until the whole cardboard sheet is covered in cups.  Wrap the bells in a layer of tissue paper and place them in the plastic cups.  Once that entire layer of cups is full of ornaments, place another layer on top and repeat.  The plastic cups are very sturdy and will protect the bells or any other shaped ornaments that you’d like to place in there.

Storing your ornaments doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.  Get creative and look around your house to see what you can recycle into a storage container.

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