knock out dirt and clutter for good


Once clutter is sorted it’s important to put those things you’ve decided to keep away in their proper places. An organized home or office can set the stage for a tranquil environment.

When everything has a place it makes it easy to put items back and find them when you’re looking for them later. While at first it takes a bit of time to find the right place to store each item, once you’ve given it a home, returning it there is easy.

Your personal style will help determine what type of organizational system will work best for you. It doesn’t really matter how you organize your home or office, it just matters that you do.

Using a coded bin system is one of the easiest and user friendly storage systems to implement. Plastic storage bins with lids or open top fabric bins work well and don’t require a huge investment. Plastic drawers on rollers fit well in closets and can store a variety of items. The most important requirement is that each bin be dedicated to something specific. You may create a bin that holds your sewing supplies or use an open basket to store skin care products. All bins should be clearly labeled for ease of use.

If you’re looking for something fancier, you may opt for a shelving system that holds decorative baskets or you may wish to install storage systems in closets. For busy families having a desk or work area in the kitchen and cork and white boards hung above is the perfect solution to keeping everyone’s schedule, activities and paperwork organized. At work, be sure your desk or work space has a specific place to store your supplies.

There are various organizational accessories available for purchase that can also be helpful. Caddies to hold office supplies, draw dividers, file cabinets and shelving can provide organizational help.

Items you may already have on hand in the home or office can also make good storage as well. Shoe boxes, baby wipes containers and glass jars, for example, can store many types of items. Shoe boxes are great for storing pictures, baby wipes containers for storing crayons and glass jars with lids can hold paper clips or other small office supplies.

And don’t miss out on hidden storage spaces. Many times ottomans, television stands, and side tables have storage that isn’t being used. Take advantage of hidden storage spaces and use them to create new homes for your belongings. You can even store think boxes under your bed or between the wall and your desk.

10 Common Areas That Need Organizing

While any room or area in a home or office may require organizing, there are a few key spaces that typically need the most organizational help.

  1. Desks. From desk drawers to desktops, workspaces tend to need some organization. Use in and out baskets on top of your desk to keep track of paperwork, put important information and contacts about your home or office in a three rind binder and utilize a filing cabinet to sort and store important paperwork.
  2. Closets. Closets are notoriously unorganized. Utilizing shelving system and consider placing plastic drawers in the closet. Add hooks to hold items that can hang from the wall, like dustpans and brushes. Use bins to keep items that are alike together.
  3. Junk draws. Junk drawers should regularly be dejunked and items should be sorted into piles to keep, give away and throw away.
  4. Silverware draws. Using a drawer divider allows you to store each type of flatware in its own slot. They’ll be no more grabbing for a spoon and getting a fork.
  5. File cabinets. Things tend to get tucked into the first tile available. Use color coded plastic tabs and be sure to label each one for a specific type of paperwork like invoices, bank statements and
  6. Book shelves. Books thrown onto shelves don’t make for an eye pleaser. Organize the books in the bookshelf.
  7. Spice shelves. After tossing expired spices, consider trying a lazy susan to store them.
  8. Glove box. In the car, your glove box may barely shut. Go through it and place your vehicle registration in a zip top bag,
  9. Sheds. From hooks to hang bikes from the ceiling to work benches and peg boards, there are plenty of ways to organize before school.
  10.  The toy room. Parents of young kids can become quickly overwhelmed with the sheer number of toys their children accumulate. A simple bin rack system can help sort and store toys. Keeping like toys together in bins, like cars or balls, can ensure the system is easy enough for the kid to use.